ScottandSusan Burbank love adventure and each other.  Together for over 35 years they have done the wild-thing as well as go-slow thing.  It seems to go in cycles for them.  Right now (2011) they are in full wild-adventure mode.

Scott and Susan at the Vic - Maui Finish Line Celebration (2010)

After Scott’s 15+ years at Microsoft Corp they decided to take a couple years off (2010 – 2012) and do whatever-they-want whenever-they-want.

The speed of life during the go-go years at Microsoft was exhilarating…and it was fatiguing.  Not your standard ‘take a nap and feel great’ kind of fatigue.  More of a ‘I can’t get as exciting as it once was’ kind of fatigue.

The excitement is back!  It just took some wild adventures to clear the way for the passions to re-ignite.

Their first wild adventure goal was to sail their 35 foot sailboat from Seattle to Hawaii and back.  It wasn’t an easy goal to accomplish.  Susan broke 4 bones and Scott lost 30 lbs along on the way.  But, they stuck it out and were the first boat to finish (and set a record) in the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race.  They wrote blogs all along the way using satellites and other cool stuff to keep us posted.

They love sharing about their lives as they expereince blessings and trials.

This web site is designed to give you real-time access to their adventures.

We all hope you will come back often to read their posts, see their video updates and follow them via their on-board SPOT Satellite Tracking System.

The one request they have is that you comment as often as you are able.  They want to continue to share things that you think are important or interesting.

Thanks for checkin’ us out and God Bless you!

FYI – They sail on Terremoto!, a 35′ semi-custom sailboat designed by Paul Bieker .  Their sail number is 59902.  If you see them at the dock or on the water, swing by and introduce yourself.  They always enjoy meeting new friends.


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